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Secure communication and thematic channels. Stay up to date with the latest news, be on the subject. Chat with beginners and professional investors. Participate in discussions

Easy registration and secure communication

We do not tie your phone to the messenger and reliably protect your correspondence. That will allow you to communicate easily, without thinking that your personal correspondence may get to attackers.

Channels for sharing information with multiple users

Chat privately, chat in groups by creating group chats. Group discussions allow you to collectively discuss the latest news, sharing observations and experiences. A separate function for members of the affiliate program – people, who have joined Zibb via the affiliate link, get to the general channel, the administrator of which is the partner!

Conference video calls

Be closer to each other with video calls. This is very important, especially during a global pandemic. Call friends and relatives more often, communicate face to face. After all, face-to-face communication is much more natural than regular phone calls!